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Visit our GITHUB pages to download and install the engine on your own server or computer.
Our online web role playing game (RPG) maker allows you to build the game you want, the way you want it, with the art you want. We offers all the tools needed to create in the shortest amount of time a fully playable multi player game, from real time battles to quest systems, all that available on any platform as it's directly playable from within any modern browser!

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As we wanted to create a new role playing game which would offer multi-player experiences and runs within the browser and we didn't found something which fit our needs we started to build it up ourselves and decided to open it up to others as well. Therefore the engine has been created from a collaboration of a dedicated developer and an expert game artist, mixing the knowledge about computer science and the visuals. We offers also an active team which can support you through all your journey in case you would ever need more help. Further more, you can start without spending a single penny, simply register yourself and experiment. Once you feel ready you can then publish your game and invite people to play it!

You can check-out our F.A.Q for more information.

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