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Frequently Asked Questions

Dot World Maker? Why this name?

We choose this name as our main artist is mainly a pixel artist and our service is nothing else than a tool letting you create virtual worlds.

Is that your first online project?

By far not, we made multiple online projects before, for example our main developer created quite a few years ago an online multi player RPG called Nowhere Else and Beyond. We have therefore the knowledge of the art, content and the code to make all that run online.

Why offer it as a service and not make just your own game?

We think that we have a great tool and it would make sense to offer it to more people and let them create their own games with it. In the mean time we will still offer a game created with our tool, that allows us to check that our tool contains all what is needed to create a game and let our artist create the game he always wanted to have.

But why make it online? Why not create a downloadable software instead?

  • The installation process is not all that simple, and it would put of most of the non-skilled people.
  • If you modify the source and break the code who should support you? We simply don't have the resources to support people with the direct coding of our engine. Also think that the code is not small.
  • If we make updates (and if you check our road-map you will see what I'm talking about), you would need to install updates every now and them, possibly killing any modifications you would have done on the base code (which would defeat the purpose of having access to the code).
  • Unless you use the same technologies as us, you would not be able to offer multi-player experience, and that would mean you cannot install it on a shared host. None of the shared host we know offer the required technology.
  • Finally if we would sell an engine you can install on your server, the price will certainly not be that low.

Is Dot World Maker free?

Yes and no. You can start using it free, however you will not have access to all. For example the multi player parts like chat, and view others online do costs something.

To see the difference between the demo version (free) and a standard license check out this price page.

Can I make money with my game?

Premium items can be sold from within your game. Payment is done via credits which roughly end up being 10 credits per 1$.

Why is this project not open source?

Open source means everybody has access to the code behind a given software. While we do appreciate many of the open source projects available, we also do have bills to pay just to run this project of ours. Therefore just giving away everything free will not allows us to pay for example for the web servers needed to host it.

Why don't rely on donations instead?

We ran multiple projects before, and donation tends to not cover the needs of projects like that. If you think our project is worth anything, then help us keeping to running and purchase a license and maybe some of the add-ons. You can also invite your friends to try our tool!

Can I download the engine on my server?

No currently we don't have a way to make your game fully downloadable and installable on an external server. We are however thinking about selling license with some limitations for example prevent to offer it as service and just run a single game.

Can I export my game as a standalone executable?

No currently we don't have a way to let you do that. If this is something many of you want, please say it so in our forums and we shall put it on our to-do list.

How can I purchase a license?

Our engine will let you purchase a license directly from our website.

How can I purchase add-ons?

Our engine will let you purchase add-ons directly from our website.

How can I pay the add-ons?

We accept only PayPal payment. Sorry nothing else is acceptable for us.

How can my players pay for in game items?

We accept only PayPal payment. Sorry nothing else is acceptable for us.

How can I receive the money my players payed?

Upon request we can transfer your credits to your PayPal account.

Why do you have codes (scripts) on some parts?

We know that for some of you writing this kind of code may not seems so easy. However if we want to offer the flexibility required by a good engine we must let you customize it as much as possible. Currently stats, skills, monsters and if you want the objects can be scripted. Later on we will open up yet more the engine to let you modify the default behavior of other parts of the engine as well.

But is the script safe against hackers?

The script language we offer may look like Javascript at first but you don't actually access the browser Javascript engine directly and therefore you cannot inject any kind of code you wish. This is done partially to ensure that nothing bad happen like account hacking, but also to be able to offer a better script editor by checking in real time what you write.

What about the performance?

We try to squeeze the engine performance as much as we can, and on modern hardware and browser your game should run at 60 frames per sec in full screen mode. Of course if your computer is already overloaded with loads of other tasks, or if you try it on a mobile device you will not get the same performances. Anyhow even at 20 frames per second your game should remain playable. We include a frame per second monitor which let you check by yourself how it goes.

If my maps are extremely busy will the performance degrade?

No, the performance should remain the same unless you have thousands of monster visible at the same time, in which case your poor players will complain for other things than simply the game performances.

How big is the engine?

The engine is currently lines of code which is the equivalent of a book of pages.

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