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Online Maker Directly edit your game from your browser, no need to download any tool and works with any computer.
Free to use Free to use with optional advanced license.
Huge map sizes Huge map sizes (562,949,953,421,312 tiles width and height (no we are not kidding)).
Procedural map generation Procedural map generation (Perlin, flat, maze and cave).
Dynamic maps Maps can react to events / conditions and change over time.
Advanced map editor Integrated advanced map editor.
Near unlimited size As many monsters, NPC, quests, items as you want. The only limit is the memory of your computer.
Play from anywhere Player state stored on the server, allows to play from anywhere and still find your player stats.
APP generation The maker allows to generate a fully standalone APP which can then be played by any Android phone.
HTML 5 export The maker allows to generate a fully standalone HTML 5 single player game which can be hosted anywhere and played on any modern browser.
Customizable stat & skills Player stats and skills fully customizable.
Combat rules customizable Combat rules customizable.
Specialized editors Specialized editors for basically every single parts of the game (currently 24 different editors) allowing you to edit the game with always the optimal tools.
Administration panels Administration panels to reset the game, administrate users and more (currently 6 different panels).
Full export / import Can export / import or backup your game in a couple of clicks. The export is either just the JSON formated text file (which can then be edited with any other tool) or a ZIP archive containing all your art and the game data.
Ready to be played Two art style offered, with a possible small game as start point makes you start quickly.
Pixel Editor Integrated pixel editor allows to create or modify your art directly within the maker.
Sound & music Sound effects and background music can be played, even playing multiple sounds at the same time is supported. Upload your own MP3 files and add as many music or sound effects you want.
Visual effects The engine can make a sight or fog effect for you and allows to build dark and scary caves.
Scripting Scripting language nearly like Javascript with real-time script checking. Doesn't need to learn a new language syntax while offering a documented API.
Node Scripting For the developers which don't feel confortable with text coding, we offer a full featured Node Scripting editor.
Simplified logic A simplified logic is offered for the main areas like quests, map and objects handling allowing non programmer to still develop their own game.
Easy to access Every game receive its direct short URL to let the player access games easily via ""
Real-time statistics Real-time game statistics is included in the engine, allowing to see how many uses your game and more.
Real-time chat The chat system allows players to chat with each others.
Chat bots The chat can host chat bots which reacts to player interactions simple chat interactions or for quests helping.
See each others Players can see each others moving on the map and chat via the embedded chat.
In game emails In game "email" system is included allowing your players to exchange private messages like traditional emails.
Complete quest system Quest system with quest journal integrates with the NPC dialog system as well as with the map actions allowing complex quests and even non-linear story plots.
Particles effects Powerful particle system with many possible effects and particle types allows to spice up your visuals.
Peace of mind Automatic daily backup of your game for up to 30 days. If something goes bad we can restore your game.

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