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Huge Maps

The size of the maps is basically limited only by the coordinate we can reach. Currently 562,949,953,421,312 tiles width and height. That is certainly enough to make hours and hours of virtual walking.

You don't have to worry about creating those huge maps yourself however as our engine works quite differently from most other game maker you may have tried so far. In fact the maps are first generated by one of the algorithm you choose, and then if you want you can edit part of it via the map editor.
Multiple world generator algorithms can be used to generate this base map, from the perlin noise which generate nice looking islands or grass lands, to the maze generator which will produce for you a maze which can be solved.
Each generator has its own set of parameters to fine tune the base map.

Once the base map is set as you want it, you can start painting with our map editor.
You can therefore choose to have a nice looking a small island world and then build on top bridges, villages and more or create instead a dark and scary dungeon full of dragons.

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