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Custom statistics and skills

We created an engine, not a ready made game which let you edit just a few things. For example while we offer some default content like a few stats to start with, you can edit all of them, tweak them, add new one, and change completely the game rules.
Custom logic can be added on the stats for example, when the player reaches 0 he should die and spawn back to the start point.

Define different skill actions via code - like for example the damage formula of an attack.

Don't be scared by our scripting language. First of all, if you want you can leave all that as is and you will still have a playable game, also, we decided on purpose to have a scripting language nearly using the Javascript syntax and therefore you will find loads of tutorials on the web how to develop in Javascript. Most errors are detected while you write your script and the editor will help you remember which function exists (code completion). Finally all our engine special calls (API) is documented.

Features list

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